At last

After sharing a laptop charger with my mum for weeks now my new one has finally arrived yay which means i will be able to post a lot more so watch out!!


How low can it get

So far this week the temperature has been dropping like a stone today they reckon it will be minus 5 omg even the brass monkeys have their hot water bottles

Project 2013

Well i had all the intentions of doing this on here alone but as ever Facebook took over so i will update it on here tonight if my damn laptop works for long enough for me to complete anything, i really need a new one, any offers?
All donations accepted with a smile xxx😉

3 days

3 days to go before Christmas and I am so down I just feel like crying one minute and screaming at everyone the next so I am doing the best I can to just keep quiet so I dont bite anyones head off and leave them feeling as bad as me and ruining Christmas.

I hate this time of year as I always get so down and have no-one to talk to because I cant bring anyone else down with me so this year at least I have this blog to rant at and get it off my chest I am sorry if reading this brings anyone else down but I need to get rid of it all somehow.

freezing bling

it is so cold here in Kent today, i have been sat here with my snuggle blanket, with sleeves on wrapped round me, the dog cuddled up to me for extra warmth and comfort, and my funky glitzy slipper boots on, so attractive i know lol

but i have made shed loads of handbag charms and bookmarks as you can see.

cold and down

its just gone 10 on a cold saturday night and i am sitting in my pajammas watching tv and surfing the web while freezing my bits off wow what a great life i lead lol still i would rather be here getting ready to crochet for a while and then go to bed than sitting in some noisy smelly pub somewhere, god that makes me sound so old, and maybe i am, you know im pushing 40 lol, no dont laugh its the only exercise i get some days that and jumping to conclusions lol


i am so tired and feeling really low today, no reason why just generally low and angry for no reason at all, i wish i did have a reason, cause then i could get over it but when i get like this i just have to suck it up and grin and bear it, what else can i do it wont go away if i wallow in it so just paint on a smile for my family so they dont suspect anything and try to get through each day by keeping a lid on it, or just shut myself away for a while so i can make sure i wont upset anyone else, no reason for anyone else to feel like this its bad enough i do and i know misery likes company but i wont inflict it on anyone if i can help it


i spent all afternoon and evening yesterday making some lovely Christmas cards for friends and family, I now need to spend the whole of today wrapping up presents so that they are all done in time for me to take away next weekend as I am starting my deliveries next weekend with my grandparents and aunties and uncles, cousins and their kids all in peterborough. I will be able to get them all done in the one weekend then i can concentrate on the presents for down here.


Supposed to be meeting my daughter at half ten this morning at the library and surprisingly she just phoned to say she will be late!!! She is always late I. Have never known her to be ontime leave alone early but this time she assured me she would be here lol trust her, I will have to carry on calling her my ‘late’ daughter lol